Back to the Future

by Ben Keene 

Ben keene's "Back to the Future" seminar will discuss how East Coast brewers are reconnecting North American beer with its 17th and 18th century roots by experimenting with barrel aging, open fermentation and working with heritage malts, local hops, and in some cases, native yeast.

 A mini-tasting will illustrate key points in the seminar.

Featuring full color photos and a foreword by Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewery, Keene's The Great Northeast Brewery Tour is a book that DigBoston called "a fantastic visual record of the craft beer scene in this region, and for that matter, the country, at this very moment."

As craft brewing becomes increasingly inventive, with new beers demonstrating remarkable complexity, one region of the United States is particularly notable for its fascinating beer scene: the Northeast. New England and the Mid-Atlantic boast some of America's most interesting craft breweries—there, beer lovers can discover exceptional brews, lively taprooms, spectacular views, and many other qualities that make the Northeast a must-visit region for thirsty travelers.

is the managing editor of BeerAdvocate magazine and the author of The Great Northeast Brewery Tour. He contributed to theOxford Companion to Beer, winner of the 2011 André Simon Book Award in the Drinks Category, and his articles on craft beer and brewing have appeared in DRAFT, Frommer's, All About BeerEdible Jersey, and USA Today.

American Sour Beers:

Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations

By Michael Tonsmeire

Sour beer was what all beers were before Pasteur, stainless steel, hops, and refrigeration. They are the heirloom, foraged, farm-to-table, artisan beverage of the first 8,800 years of beer's 9,000 year existence. They range from tart refreshing 3% ABV summer wheat beers loaded with lemon zest, to malty 12% ABV behemoths with all the richness and depth of your favorite "Imperial" without the alcohol sharpness. They can be infused with exotic fruits, dry hop with bold citrusy American (or New Zealand) hops, or aged in wine and spirit barrels. The microbes responsible for the sourness also produce a range of tropical, rustic, spicy, funky, and earthy aromatics impossible to attain from any other beer.

Tonsmeire's seminar will discuss the wide array of processes and ingredients in American sour beer production, with actionable advice each step of the way.  A mini tasting will illustrate key points in the seminar.

In his book, inspiration and practical applications for brewers of all levels are provided by some of the country’s best known sour beer brewers, including Russian River, Jolly Pumpkin and The Lost Abbey. 

Michael Tonsmeire is an award-winning homebrewer and certified beer judge, and has written on sour beers for various magazines. He most recently developed the recipes and grew the microbes for the sour beer program at San Diego’s Modern Times brewery.  American Sour Beers is Tonsmeire’s first book.

Saturday Afternoon Session
2:45 PM - 3:15 PM   Ben Keene, Author, "The Great Northeast Brewery Tour"
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM Mike Tonsmiere, Author, American Sour Beers:                
                Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations
Saturday Evening Session
7:45 PM - 8:15 PM   Ben Keene, Author, "The Great Northeast Brewery Tour"
8:30 PM - 9:00 PM   Mike Tonsmiere, Author, American Sour Beers:             
                      Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations